Create a Skill Syllabus

Thursday, 02 September 2021 693 Views

A ‘Skill Syllabus’ includes all the standard fields of a syllabus and sections supporting learning labels—tasks and experiences defined in skills.

Be Forward Thinking. Define Learning in Skills.

By defining learning in skills, it is possible to target specific skills (like critical thinking), track learning laterally more acutely across subjects and disciplines and vertically across education and career stages, and craft experiences to reach desired knowledge gains.

Some features include:

  • Download and print as a PDF.
  • Dedicated URL and interactive webpage. 
  • Summarized skills data for syllabus.
  • Accessible in apps (Windows 10 and Android).
  • Build and modify syllabus (online or in app).
  • Supports personalized learning in three ways.

Some advantages in adopting as a college or school:

  • Create pathways and design curriculums.
  • Connect colleges with career centers.

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