Announcing Release of New Android Learning Label Application

Tuesday, 02 March 2021 466 Views

Learning is pervasive in our every experience. We practice thinking and soft skills every day; in learning and work we apply technical skills. A practitioner needs to be able to modify or create learning pathways when the inspiration hits; this requires a system that is accessible anytime and anywhere. 

Learning labels is a patent pending system to manage and track skills. My team is looking to announce the release of a new Android application early next year. This will allow practitioners to access their learning elements - jobs, syllabi, projects, and labels - and make changes to their learning pathways. 

And this is the first step. Later, my team is planning to add more functionality to new Android applications and devices. There are many ways to use the constant access in the metrics behind the Skill Points algorithm (what you do not see in the applications). Already sketched a design for a smartwatch. Once the Android applications are in place, my team is planning to develop IOS applications too.

Finally, this augments an already established system that includes a web application (optimized for large desktop screens) and three mobile web applications (optimized for mobile and tablet devices).

If you are interested in learning more about the release or want to participate, please contact my team at: .