New Smart Dashboard for Learning Labels

Monday, 09 December 2019   1033 Views

A smart, futuristic dashboard was always part of the learning labels system - a way to manage and track learning. There are graphics with this layout in the patent applications filed in 2016; there was a rudimentary dashboard in place since then. My team finally got to upgrading this dashboard for learning practitioners. There will also be versions for learners (students and professionals) and a search engine result page (SERP). Let's get to some of the new features.

First, the layout is fast and efficient. Takes full advantage of the space on the screen. Only necessary features and functions.

Second, easy to sort the labels in to a desired order. Possible to save the sort.

Third, toggle between a tile (basic representation of a label, by design includes all ROI information), a label (the standard), and a credential (a badge, certificate, or reward). The grid is responsive, so automatically resets the sizes for the best fit.

Fourth, an action menu to the right. Simply drag a tile over the icon to initiate the feature, which include grading, series, and a hierarchical view.

Fifth, a top menu for sorting and filtering of items in the dashboard. Includes a button to see learners to construct personalized learning plans.

Sixth, a left menu to manage favorites and assign to syllabus and projects / lesson plans. Both might have a collection of learning labels to represent the tasks.

This is a smart, clean interface. All the space is used efficiently and effectively. See this video on how this works:

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