I am creating new personalized grading with the learning labels technology. It is easy to think of new features for a product, the difficult part is narrowing the list and focusing on ones that add the most value. There are clear reasons why this feature adds value.

I work to convince practitioners we need to track learning on a discrete level – a task level. To accomplish this, there needs to be a mechanism and navigation to connect learning labels into a series – so they represent a project, learning plan, or course. I think this was the biggest influence in adding this feature into the platform. It is possible to create a series of labels, connect them based on performance, and grade each learner. Then, a learner navigates through the series based on their achievements.

Adding grading is a useful feature for other reasons.

  • When a learning objective is met, if there is assigned credential, a user gets the credential. After completing a task or series of tasks, a user gets a badge or certification.
  • Similarly, a leaner earns the allotted Skill Points. (Really excited about the prospect of Skills Points.) Over time a learner collects Skills Points.
  • Sets the framework to incorporate an assessment within or after a learning task.

Skills Label (aka education label, learning label) is a standardized way to express learning expectations for any discrete task. This is patent pending technology that is currently free to use.