Using Skills Based Approach Daily

Saturday, 29 April 2023 640 Views

In a recent interview, I was asked: What makes Skills Based Approach different than other learning platformsHow does the methodology help the average learner or worker?

My response was: First and foremost, the medium of skills is the practical definition of knowledge. Skills Based Approach puts the learner in control of their skills. This is different from traditional learning by allowing the learner to pivot and respond to experiences.

An advantage of the Skills Based Approach is cycling through the skill sets and stages is not time dependent. The previous videos of the app show a learner preparing for a semester or a worker onboarding for a quarter. But in reality, there is value in preparing skill sets daily or weekly. Why script a learning process a month or two ahead?

To showcase some of the new features and refinement, this video show how a student sets up Skill Based Approach for a day. There is now a list view of the all the actions in a stage.