Updated Learning Labels Paged

Monday, 20 February 2023 552 Views

The first Android app I released was Learning Labels Paged two years ago. The gist of the app was the fill a screen with each of the elements (pages) and to show learning pathways and tasking. At first, the layout and design was basic. But through iterations and updated versions, the app is much more sophisticated.

What I like most with the latest release is the automatic, real-time summary of learning gains (Skill Points) in skills for each of the sections: jobs, syllabi, projects / lesson plans, and users. With the learning labels, there is a realistic interface to verify expectations through a review process (map views).

Finally the interface is fully updated with the latest frameworks. Altogether more stable, quicker, and secure. See this video on how the app works. Contact us to learn how to represent your resources with learning labels: info@skilllslabel.com