Three Android Applications in Google Play

Tuesday, 30 March 2021 577 Views

There are three Android applications as part of the learning labels platform now in production. Each of the applications works on smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks running the Android operating system. The applications are based on the design and user interface of mobile web applications released last year.

Learning Labels Create lets practitioners quickly build elements (jobs, courses, projects / lesson plans, tasks / experiences) on a touch / mobile optimized environment. The website application provides a much more thorough and layered process (if necessary, users seed the element in the Android app and then modify later).

Learning Labels Dashboard Application lets practitioners make assignments to learning pathways and modify and create learning dashboards. The Android app provides ample functionality. The dashboard itself is fast and crisp.

Learning Labels Paged Application lets practitioners access informative and data behind their learning pathways. Skill aggregates are tabulated. Labels appear in their entirety. There is fast, intuitive process to add specific elements into learning pathways (answering the ‘why’ for the app).

Altogether, the main WIFM (value proposition) is to allow a learning practitioner to modify learning pathways and dashboards and create elements whenever the inspiration hits. There is a direct linkage between these apps and the more substantive website application.

There is a sample data set to see how the dashboard and paged application works. Though, best way to try the apps is to sign up for an account (, then start building elements from the main website or the Learning Labels Create app.

The Android apps are all accessible in the Google Play store (see links on main website or search in the store) and by individual / organizational request (