Teachers and Professors Getting Started

Thursday, 12 August 2021 455 Views

Learning labels is a patent pending system to manage and track skills. The goal is to map learning expectations and job requirements in skills, then combine them to create pathways (the concepts's tagline). For teachers and professors, learning labels are a standardized way to define learning for tasks and experiences. Some advantages include:

  • Provide a readable representation for a basis of comparison.
  • Definition using the medium of skills. (Skills work laterally across subjects and disciplines and vertically across education stages.)
  • Summarize gains with Skill Points (a proprietary algorithm that calculates points on a skill by skill basis).
  • Set data, which gets aggregated. (Summarize for project, courses, and jobs. Summarize for learners in queue and completed work.)
  • Gives full learning ROI (Skill Points and cost and time).
  • Works with all types of learning.

There are many ways to try (sample) the system to see how it works. For each of the apps in Android and Windows 10, there is a sample (Guest) account to test the functionality. In addition, it is free to sign up and use the website application. (Trying the Learning Labels Create app requires a valid admin account to use.)

Once you are familiar with the user interface and functionality, the question is: (Got how this works) How do I get started? This is a short guide on how to adopt the learning labels system. How to conceptualize and use the apps and website application in your classroom or training modules.

Focus Group for Teachers and Professors in the Classroom