Skills Learning Applications Work Together

Wednesday, 07 November 2018 1500 Views

Thought of the Skills Based Approach SM (“SBA”) methodology in 2011 as I was creating a platform for personal websites. Early on, I recognized skills as a critical element of a personal website. In an abstract way, I see much of the content behind a personal website as presenting and validating skills (two stages of SBA). There are other elements. (For them, there is a framework – Online Personal Brand: Skill Set, Aura, and Identity.) I still feel strongly that most individuals should have a personal website for credentials and signaling skills.

SBA is a methodology centered on constantly cycling through four stages with an evolving skill set. Over the years, SBA has garnered a worldwide audience. I have developed SBA as a basic website application. (And I have been waiting patiently to get this up and running as a mobile application. Ideally, students manage learning tasks on their mobile phones using the SBA methodology.)

Skills Label TM is a standardized display of learning expectations for any task. The inspiration behind this patent pending technology was to reduce typing in the SBA application. A learning label is a sophisticated, interactive, scalable vector graphic. There is an advanced, stable web application (with a supporting Web API) to create and manage learning labels.

Skill Syllabi SM is an application to create and distribute a syllabus for a course. It includes not only the standard sections of a syllabus, but also ones for skills. There is a built-in interface to manage and view a collection of learning labels.

Skills Culture is a growth mindset to learn and apply skills properly – something to motivate and inspire the use of these skills applications. Most people feel they can learn a skill if they put in the necessary time and effort; they learn a skill as much as needed or wanted and there is no requirement to master a skill. A Skills Culture is about being an Agile Worker, someone who is willing to acquire skills on an as needed basis – an effective frame of mind for constant reskilling and upskilling and lifelong learning.