Skills Label Personas

Thursday, 01 February 2024 560 Views

Before and after the recent release, my team fielded more questions regarding use-cases and customer discovery. (For me) I always thought knowing our target areas were obvious: learning design, curriculum, training and workforce development.

Though (our official) response is introducing personas to guide new users. The five User Personas for our learning labels application are:


  • Practitioner: Designs learning tasks, experiences, and activities. Game and VR designers, publishers, learning designers, etc.


  • Teacher: Teaches students any type of course. A teacher or professor at any learning stage.


  • Trainer: Provides instruction to prepare a student or worker for a job.


  • Sourcer: Creates, lists, and/or sources job postings or listings. Could be someone in HR, a recruiter, etc.


  • Workforce: Designs workforce pathways or curriculum (a combination of courses).

When you signup for a new account, you choose a persona and the interface is tuned for that persona.