Skills Emblem Real Time Graphic For a Skill

Monday, 31 May 2021 710 Views

Couple years ago, I seeded the concept of a Skill Emblem - a graphical representation (like a badge) to signal skill achievements. The idea is to summarize data from the learning labels on a skill by skill basis and tabulate number of tasks, hours, and Skill Points for tasks in queue and completed. Through time, a future use (when enough learning labels are in place) is to use the graphic (PNG) to signal skill levels on a resume, social media, profile, or personal website.

Recently, I built these Skills Emblems into an Android, Windows 10 and website application. Here is a link to a website to learn more:

What makes these Skill Emblems valid? What is a good verification process? How could the graphic be improved (data and appearance)?

This is a new, innovative concept. Let me know your thoughts, or answers to some of the questions: