Skills Based Approach on Google Android

Tuesday, 06 July 2021 714 Views

Last summer (2020), republished my book Skills Based Approach – methodology for lifelong learning. For students and workers, the book is a practical guide for planning an education and career for students and workers. For a learning practitioner, the book defines the mechanics behind the methodology, working with tasks, learning objectives, platforms, and credentials.

First published a book on the methodology in 2013. Built a web application, but always wanted to get an app on mobile devices – a tasking app where learners and workers manage their learning and monitor their skills. Around 2015 designed an app as part of a pitch to investors, but did not build the app.

Finally, got to the app for Google Android devices – a basic app is downloadable from Google Play! The app does not really include the “wow, I need this app” in place yet (though use cases are defined and in time should be). But do not think there is a similar type of app, where learners and workers take the “driver seat of their learning”; furthermore, precisely understand their skill levels and achievements.

Currently, the app works with the Learning Labels apps - shares a login, skill references, and labels. The Guest account brings in sample data from a learning labels learner account. The completed Skills Based Approach app will be fully integrated with the learning labels (Skills Label) system. This is advantageous because learning labels is a system to manage and track skills (already includes five established Android apps) and produces Skill Points, a focal point in the app.

The app will also work standalone, therefore not requiring the adoption of learning labels to be useful to a student or worker. There are many possible integrations with other platforms and applications.

Feel free to download and try the current app from Google Play. While waiting for the app to be completed, get the book Skills Based Approach to understand how the methodology works. Learn more on the website: .