Skills Based Approach App

Thursday, 02 March 2023 195 Views

Seeing references to the term Skills Based Approach across many media headlines, some big players. I thought of Skills Based Approach as a methodology for lifelong learning, a concept I enveloped into a personal website platform. At the time, I did not find too many mentions of the term (clearly nothing definitive) and subsequently acquired domains, social media accounts, a trademark, and copyrights.

A decade ago I introduced the book Skills Based Approach as a practical guide for a young learner or worker or learning practitioner – released a new edition of the book in 2020.

For the last four years, much of my focus is on Skills Label – a patent allowed system to manage and track skills. The platform is now built. Part of the inspiration of learning labels was to solve a problem with Skills Based Approach:

How do we introduce universal skill definitions to tasks and experiences (currently not in practice)? How do we map pathways in skills? (Jobs requirements were starting to include skills, but there was separation with the learning process.)

I completed updating each of the 10 Google Android apps for Skills Label, so I decided to go back and update the Skills Based Approach app. Actually going to use parts of a design I documented many years ago.

As I move forward with both, I think I should make clear: Skills Label and Skills Based Approach work together (Skills Culture too). Beyond the obvious reason a system / platform / series of apps is better if supported by a methodology, here are a few other reasons:

Advantages of using Skills Label platform in Skills Based Approach (in parentheses the stage):

  • Tasking. A learning label represents a task, experience, or activity in skills. (Planning)
  • Skill Points. Each of the three labels in the Skills Label system uses this learning measurement. (All Stages)
  • Skill Emblems. These summary learning representations are an innovative alternative to a badge. (Presenting / Validating)
  • Discovery. Framework to find and compare learning, courses, and jobs in skills. (Planning)
  • Navigating through a series of tasks. (Building)

Advantages of using Skills Based Approach in Skills Label:

  • Simplified Methodology. All parties get the stages and focus on skills.
  • Guide. Book clearly states the mechanics. Useful to learner, workers, and practitioners alike.

I see upside in adding Skills Based Approach into the portfolio of Skills Label apps. I am looking to release an updated version of the app shortly.