Skill Emblem TM

Wednesday, 03 January 2024 312 Views

This is what a downloaded sample Skill Emblem looks like. This shows the summary data collected from the learning labels and live links to the labels behind the derivation.

This is only meant to show how the learning labels and Skill Emblem works, so while the learning labels are actual, the tasking for this user is a sample.

Skill Emblems show the achievement aspect of the patented learning labels technology. They are one of many features in the system.

Because the Skill Emblems are responsive, based on the ebb and flow of relevant skills, and are able to be constrained within certain dates, they are arguably much more useful than traditional badging or credentialing. In fact with a enough learning labels, they effectively bridge education, higher education and training stages.

My team is in immediate need of researchers to work on the algorithms applied in these apps. These algorithms include producing the Skill Points and getting the learning labels accurate and right (as we scale from a few hundred to thousands of actual labels).

If you or your team is interested, please contact us at: ryan@skills