New Websites Skills Parser and Skills Emblem

Tuesday, 15 February 2022 743 Views

I added a few new one-page websites supporting relevant concepts: and These are not new concepts, there are earlier versions of each. Actual applied usages of them are built and incorporated into the learning labels web and mobile applications.

But the concepts are forward thinking and represent the future of the learning labels system. I learned early from starting a business, get the .com domain and a separate website when you can – at some level proves some originality and indexes well in searches.

Skills Parser takes content and produces skills. The newer version also incorporates requirements and education and training standards. The goal is to create as much of a learning label automatically as possible. This reduces data entry and narrows the classification of skills (like choosing to represent programming or coding, for example).

Skills Parser works in the main web application, where it supports uploading files, referencing a URL, and using copied and pasted text. It also works in the Learning Labels Create app in Android and Windows 10 app as content is entered.

Like I said earlier, this is the future of the learning labels. If you are a researcher in AI and interested, contact us. There is a solid framework in place and good set of use cases. I am looking to add AI driven language processing capabilities to improve the Skills Parser.

Skills Emblem is a responsive graphic depicting queued and completed work on a skill-by-skill basis. I argue this is better than a typical badge because:

  • Constantly updates as tasks are added to the queue or are completed.
  • Represents a numerical learning gain (Skill Points).
  • Provides links to the tasks (represented as learning labels).
  • Connects achievements, in skills, across education, higher education, and career stages.

Skills Emblem works in the web application and the Learning Labels Collection app in Android and Windows 10.

Until there are enough learning labels in the system and usage of the system, the Skills Emblem does not reach its potential value. But a clear future use is sharing the Skill Emblem in social media, on personal websites, and in resumes.

If you are a researcher in blockchain or something similar, then contact us. Creating a standard ledger and verification process tracking Skill Points is a clear and obvious next step.