New Subscription Service

Monday, 02 December 2019 1007 Views

In the early stages in developing the learning labels technology, my team identified a subscription service as one of four revenue sources. At this stage, my team is starting to introduce a three-tiered subscription, with another option to buy learning labels in bulk. This is work in progress, so implementing label counts and turning on and off features but not charging accounts.

For the foreseeable future, there is a free basic service. This allows a learning practitioner to create labels, access different formats, and get the unique landing page. Good way to understand how and why learning labels work.

Stepping into the paid services, a learning practitioner gets to create more labels and some more features; three big ones include functionality for cloning, emailing, and participating in peer reviews. The ‘Teacher’ paid service includes a 30-day trial, a good opportunity to use added functionality.

With the highest paid service (“School”), a learning practitioner creates an unlimited number of labels, gets customer support, and accesses a multi-label upload.

Purchasing the bulk option, a teacher or professor might ‘front-load’ by creating all the labels in the beginning of a semester. Or an education publisher or game creator might create labels for all their resources at once.

In addition, we are also introducing an affiliate or referral program. This is an opportunity for institutions who: create online resources; teach the teachers (education schools); provide education, higher education, or training standards; or work with credentialing, to signal to an audience the value in using learning labels. Later, when we start charging accounts, there might be compensation for the referral.

Here is a great example of an affiliate relationship:

Spoke on the phone with two managers of a national education standards provider and demoed the learning labels application. Showed them how easy it was to find, assign, and represent their standards on a learning label. No question, they were impressed. Later I spoke with a high school who was looking to implement the same set of standards but did not have a workable solution to do so. An affiliate relationship facilitates connecting the standards provider with the high school to the learning label technology – the best way to represent any set of standards.

For our client base, this is clearly something we would like to hear your thoughts on, please send us an email at: .

For partners and affiliates, please send us an email expressing your interest to join our affiliates program; email at: