May 2022 Learning Labels Release

Saturday, 02 July 2022 642 Views

My team and I would like to announce the May 2022 Learning Labels Release. The video is LIVE on the main website.

For brevity, I skip defining the system. Use cases are referenced in the video screens showing the apps, but I do not talk about them in the narrative. I suggest last year's video (link on the main website) and the book Learning Labels: A System to Manage and Track Skills as good sources for supporting context and background information.

Highlights of this video include: 9 Android apps, 2 Windows 10 apps, and standard and mobile website applications.

Here is a link to the video:

This is the time sequence for each of the topics:

  • 00:05 Introduction
  • 05:37 Nine Google Android Apps
  • 15:03 Windows Learner App
  • 16:05 Common Website Admin
  • 17:29 Mobile Admin Pages
  • 20:47 Mobile Learner Pages
  • 23:52 Conclusion - Suggestions and Observations