Learning Tasking and Microcredentialing

Tuesday, 02 November 2021 367 Views

A sprawling dashboard of learning labels and related elements was part of the initial design of the administrative section of the learning labels; there were screenshots of this in the patent application submitted in 2017. This advanced dashboard is fast, responsive, scales to the full screen, and is drag and drop for a set of key features: grading, creating series, and making assignments. A unique feature is to toggle between tiles, labels, and credentials by double-clicking. 

Practitioners will do much of the constructing of learning labels, lesson plans, and series at home or in the office on a large desktop screen. The dashboard will always be an integral part of the system.

For the last couple years, the goal is to rethink the learning labels platform for mobile devices - not simply making the layout responsive, but designing for the practical uses of learners and practitioners. My team successfully released mobile optimized web apps and a series of seven Android and two Windows 10 apps.

Finally got to developing a version of the above mentioned dashboard for learning labels, well not quite a dashboard, but a way to access the same functionality. It is more like a scrollable list, which can be filtered, searched on, and sorted to work with smaller data sets. 

With mobile integration and a lightweight footprint, this app creates an interesting new proposal: grade, assign experiences and tasks, and set expectations anytime, anywhere. From a practitioner’s view, this app is a nimble, agile framework to work with learning tasking.