Learning Labels Paged Application in Production

Thursday, 25 March 2021 527 Views

Announcing an initial production release of an Android mobile application to access learning dashboards and pathways. The application is accessible for free in Google Play and on the learning labels website (www.skillslabel.com). Another more final release is planned for mid-January.

(Please wait for public rating and feedback on Google Play until then but email us your feedback anytime: feedback@skillslabel.com.) The January release will address stylistic issues, be optimized for more mobile devices (like a smartwatch) and add client authentication to modify pathways.

The current mobile application allows access to the main elements of the learning labels system – jobs, courses (syllabi), projects / lesson plans, users (students or professionals), and tasks / experiences (labels). Furthermore, the application provides access to learning pathways (connection of elements) and dashboards (a responsive data set).

This application is fully supported with a well-established website and three mobile website applications. The system is a patent pending system to manage and track skills.

If you are a company looking to establish your hiring or training functions or an education or higher education institution building a curriculum or pathways, then please contact us: info@skillslabel.com