Learning Labels Focusing on Skills

Sunday, 02 July 2017 1484 Views

Skills Label is a new concept – a single standardized display to represent what is learned in any task, which includes games, books, experiences, activities, projects, etc. It fits nicely into the Skills Culture, by providing a resource to express applied learning for any task in a clear, concise way.

Skills have a prominent place on the labels and each skill line item has a context, focus value, level of difficulty, standards (if necessary), and skill points. In addition, a credential – like a learning badge – can be assigned and retrieved after completing the task.

The above graphic illustrates some of the advantages of a Skills Label™. But there is another one: A Skills Label™ is not anchored to an education or career stage, so is useful in standard education (K-12), higher education, and alternative learning programs. A series of the labels creates continuity in acquiring skills at any learning process or stage.

And this is why Skills Label is an ideal application for Skills Culture. Students and professionals have required learning, but also self-guided learning where they are motivated to learn skills on an ad hoc basis . They hop online, find a resource (game, VR experience, interactive course, etc.) that targets a specific skill or gap in their learning.

If you are a ‘skills champion’ (or not), visit the Skills Label website and start building your own series of learning labels.