Learning Labels December 2023 Release

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 527 Views

My team would like to announce the Learning Labels December 2023 release. (Like the previous three releases) we highlight what has been added or updated since the last release.

In speaking with a number of institutions the last eight months, I fielded a number of questions:

Are there actual learning labels? Do you have any use cases?

There are now 300 actual, live learning labels for high school STEM. With these labels, we are working to get them accurate and right, before scaling from a few hundred to thousands.

How are you getting practitioners to add another step to their routine?

Trying to speed the creation of labels using Skills Parser and content processing. In the video, we show how to seed and create a label in seconds. In addition, we are making our system accessible across all devices and platforms.

Are you planning to use AI and machine learning in your platform?

Yes. While our labels clearly simplify, they solve a complex problem. There are 40K+ skills, some skills take decades to learn, and there is a constant churn. We believe AI would help understand the relevancy of skills and quantify them (with Skill Points). Other uses include iconography on the labels and content processing.

The themes of the release include:

  • Introduction of three iOS apps. Show immersive simulations from two of the three iOS new apps (for the first time).

  • Presenting creating a labels with an updated, simplified interface.

  • Showcasing tuned My Labels (light LMS) and pathways dashboards (workforce).

We are actively pursuing researchers and partners. Please review the video, sign-up and if interested contact us.