Learning Labels Create IOS

Sunday, 02 July 2023 724 Views

My team is on the verge of releasing Learning Labels Create App on IOS in the Apple App Store. The goal is the create, publish and catalog each of the labels – learning, course, and job – natively from the app. There are many perceived advantages by using many of the rich features and interfaces on the IOS watches, IPhones, and IPads.

These screens are from the current native IOS app (not yet released) as a proof of concept. (The watermark on the Job Label is an intended way to say the label was created from an unverified account and not checked by Skills Label.)

I am looking for practitioners and teams to give the app a try and learn how to use this patented system to manage and track skills (US-11587190). Please contact me to be notified and/or participate in the release: ryan@skillslabel.com