Learning Labels Collections Empowering Learners

Thursday, 20 May 2021 531 Views

A decade ago, when I started working in skills as a medium to express learning expectations and job preparedness much of my focus was on the learner / worker. My first book, Skills Based Approach, is an effective guide for planning an education and / or a career (directed at a young adult).

As I got deep in the designing and building of Skills Label, a system to manage and track skills, my focus was on the learning practitioner (teacher or professor) or education publisher to accurately define the learning in a standardized, efficient way – subject of three patent applications.

The web application always supported a learner interface. But now there is a fully supported mobile application. I am glad to be circling back and building an app for the learner.

A goal of mine is to put learners in the ‘driver’s seat’ in their tasking and skill development in three ways:

  • Be aware of what skills they are working on, their skill levels, and pathways.
  • Choose tasks whenever workable.
  • Conscientiously prep to be in the moment to apply skills properly.

I would like to announce the release of Learning Labels Collections, now accessible in the Google Play store. The app empowers learners. There is functionality where a learner creates collections (names and colors), navigates by skills or collections, moves through a series of labels, and views skill emblems (summary progress on a skill by skills basis). And there is more planned functionality with the application, such as deeper linkage to Learning Labels Search and verifying and giving credit as tasks are completed.