Learning Label Peer Reviews on Apps

Thursday, 08 April 2021 867 Views

While introducing the learning labels system, top suggestion I get is to verify the expectations (remove the arbitrary) with peer reviews. I agree. I push a scientific analogy of defining learning expectations and job requirements with skills and Skill Points like defining substances with atoms and coefficients.

A peer review interface was built into the web application a couple years ago. The functionality is built into the ‘map view’, a landscape representation of the learning label where skills and standards information is spread across the screen. The system collects the frequency and intensity, comments, and verification on a skill-by-skill basis. All integral variables in the Skill Points algorithm.

Recently introduced the peer review interface into the Android Learning Labels Paged Application and Windows 10 Learning Labels Application. There is a slight change to the design in rendering the map view as a portrait representation; this opens usage on smartphone. Good chance a reviewer (learning practitioner, teacher, professors, or trainer) does the review in less than a minute, on the go, from their mobile device. (The peer review interface is also touch enabled. Simply touch on a skill.)

With an Android device, download the app from Google Play. With a Windows 10 device, download the app from the Microsoft Store. Otherwise, access from the standard or mobile web applications.