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Thursday, 29 June 2017 1595 Views

In an earlier article, I shared an introductory article about Skills Culture – a growth mindset to be motivated and taking action to learn and apply skills, then published subsequent articles on how a Skills Culture might be an answer to poor high school engagement and part of a solution for the current Skills Gap.

Skills Culture is a resource of content and media to cultivate this mindset, here I wanted to introduce basic functionality.

First, the website is a blog. So far, I have shared 10 blogs I authored. I expect to keep adding fresh, new content regularly. I am looking for guest bloggers to share insights. Are you working with new age apprenticeships? Is your institution starting a Competency Based Learning (CBL) program? Do you think we need more applied learning in education? If you have something to say, feel free to contact me at: .

Second, the website is a repository of links to other resources – ways to apply a Skills Culture mindset. This includes links for skills based apps (Skills Based Approach, Skills Label, and Skill Syllabi) and each app’s presence in social media.

Third, the website has the beginnings of a search engine. Search on just about anything and the same expected results, a SERP of skills and a platform to work with them. In addition, (if you are a practitioner) create an account then start participating in adding content to the results.

Together let’s build a community of learners (students and young professionals) and teachers (professors and practitioners) who champion the development of skills.