Introducing Learning Labels Accounts

Friday, 02 September 2022 526 Views

Learning Labels Accounts is now part of the suite of learning label apps (com.skillslabel) on Google Android. The primary functions of the app are to consolidate logins and the signup process and add more secure interactions. An initial version of the app is downloadable from Google Play.

Got a request to put all the apps (now ten) together into a single app. This was considered but not done because each app includes its own: set of use cases; interface; functions; and database. In addition, each app fits the single file size requirement for an Android app. But to accommodate the request, there is a single auto login (with Learning Labels Accounts) and better navigation between the apps.

Using Learning Labels Accounts allows a user to create either a learner or teacher account. The app streamlines the process with a step-by-step interface. There are a few advantages in creating an account this way: a) easier to create more than one account; b) no need to type in a password; c) account gets added to the device for future logins; and d) accessible right from the device.

A user might want to create and manage more than one account. For example, a learner (student / worker) creates an account for required learning / training and another account for non-required learning / training. Or similarly a practitioner creates an account for required teaching for an organization and another one for free-lance teaching. Or a user creates a learner and teacher account.

One strategy to make the apps more secure is to reduce the number of times a user is forced to type-in and create a password. While creating an account, the best way to create a password is automatically derive one (common practice in most applications). Once the account is created, a user does not need to re-enter the password to access any of the Learning Labels apps.

Another strategy for better security is to simply not collect personal information, particularly when it is no need to run the application. During the signup process, the only personal information that is collected and shared is an email, preferences, and tagline.

Creating accounts is established on the main website and now from any Android device. Simply download Learning Labels Accounts and click the Sign-Up button.

Finally, across all the apps, a goal for the next versions is to tighten up security. In the beginning, the main goal was to simply deliver the patent pending learning, course, and job labels on as many platforms as possible. But now as user account are created and there is proposed value in tracking Skill Points (analogous to grading) and skills, it is necessary to adopt a proper security apparatus – Learning Labels Accounts is one step forward.