Import Skills LabelTM into Google Classroom

Thursday, 20 July 2017 1820 Views

Import Skills LabelTM into Google Classroom as an assignment. This is ideal: teachers share a standardized display for learning in any task (the label) with their students in software they are already using and students are familiar with.

Teachers create labels for activities in or out of a classroom, books or articles to read and synthesize, online games, VR experiences, or any possible way students acquire skills and knowledge.

The instructions are simple. As a teacher (meaning you create, publish, market, or distribute learning resources):

  • Create a ‘Teacher’ account on Skills Label ( ,, or ).
  • Use the label wizard to create a label.
    •  In the header, create a title and description of the task. This is important because both are automatically pulled into the ‘assignment’ in Google Classroom.
    • Assign prerequisites and requirements.
    • Add skill line items. Provide context and use your own assessment for focus and difficulty levels. Use standards to anchor them.
    • Designate a link to the resource itself (website, app, etc.).
    • Summarize an overall knowledge gain.
  • Finish the wizard and navigate the public URL. Click on the button for Google Classroom.
  • If you are not already signed in, you must sign into your Google Classroom
  • Select your classroom and course then click GO. Click Assign on the next page.

Once the label has been imported, students access a full-paged Skills Label as an assignment in Google Classroom. Labels require students to understand learning expectations and outcomes – in skills, before starting any learning task. Students may collect and store labels too.

If teachers want to give students choice before starting a task, these labels are ideal for making comparisons between different tasks. (For example, as a teacher, I might create twenty assignments represented as labels and offer students the choice of completing ten of them.)

At this stage, Skills Label is a free online resource. Feel free to try this new, patent pending technology – a single display for learning in any discrete task.

If you have any questions, email 

(Skills Label is an excellent resource to understand how and when skill are being targeted in learning experiences.)