Getting Skill Syllabus to Students

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 273 Views

Once you create a new Skill Syllabus, you want to get the syllabus to your students. There are three levels of access: Public, Private, and Private-Strict.

After selecting the type of access, the system automatically produces a set of instructions for the syllabus. These instructions might get pasted into an email distribution list or put on a website for the course (if approved by your college). As students follow the instructions and sign up, there is a list to manage and approve them for the course.

To create and use Skill Syllabus:

  • Register  for new account (if not already done so).
  • Create a Skills Syllabus. Create learning labels.
  • Set access (security): Public, Private, or Private-Strict.
  • Email auto-generated instructions to students OR post them on a course description page (if college approves).
  • Manage their responses. See their views. (For Private-Strict, verify the students.)
  • Modify syllabus and add learning labels when necessary.

Skill Syllabus Second Newsletter PDF