Get Your College Using Skill Syllabus

Friday, 15 October 2021 319 Views

There are good reasons to inform deans and directors of colleges and career centers on how the Skill Syllabus and Learning Labels system works. There are advantages of college wide adoption of this patent pending system.

The goal is to define learning in skills on a granular level (using a scientific method). Then use a hierarchy of elements (experiences / tasks, projects / lesson plans, courses, and jobs) to build learning pathways and dashboards. Summarize the skills data and information.

Two good reasons for school or college wide adoption:

Connect colleges and departments with a career center. Acutely target job requirements with learning expectations. Match learning skills with the same skills required by employers choosing the college.

Share project and course skill definitions among professors and departments. Use them to craft curriculums. Use of education standards are built into the learning labels system—only requirement to put them on the labels involve permissions. Skills are ideal for experiential learning.

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