Future Learning Labels Release

Friday, 03 June 2022 727 Views

Last February, I did a video release to build awareness of the patent pending Learning Labels system. I also showed and proved current functionality in the applications. Since the release, there has been a significant number of improvements and additions in the web, Android, and Windows apps.

Rather than describe the system in another release, I suggest watching last year’s video release; the video does a good job doing this. There is a link to the video on the main website (www.skillslabel.com).

In this release, I am going to talk about what is new or updated. Here are a few of the key points:

  • Added Learning Labels Teams and Learning Labels Profiles (in website and Android apps). An interface to signal skills and pool resources among a team.
  • Improved Skill Syllabus web application. Added new Skill Syllabus Android and Windows apps.
  • There are now nine Android apps. Added six new apps since last year’s release. The number of apps is significant considering each includes its own separate use cases, interfaces, and functionality.
  • There are now two Windows apps. Added Learning Labels Learner app since last year’s release.
  • New learner and teacher profiles. Now all elements are fully supported by a website (with a unique URL).
  • Skills Parser is part of the Learning Labels Create New website supporting the concept. Take content and produce a ranked a list of skills. Automatically create learning and job labels.
  • Skills Emblem is built into the apps. New website supporting this responsive graphic for learning progress in skills.
  • All the mobile website applications were updated.
  • The administrator (teacher) website interface was updated. For administrators, there in now a standard format to work with each of the elements (jobs, syllabus, projects, and labels).

I am in the process of putting together the materials for this release. If you are interested in participating and/or have feedback, please email me ryan@skillslabel.com