Formulizing Skills Company

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 671 Views

After more than a decade of work in the medium of skills, I am finally starting to move much of the accumulated intellectual property into named entities. This blog is actually a strong testament to many of the contributions (with copyrighted posts, graphics, and social media posts) and might be used to establish naming rights if needed. I thought I would share some of my thoughts for company names and taglines.

Skills Label

WHY I LIKE THE BRAND/COMPANY NAME... a subtle reference to labeling used to define data; and how the learning, course, and job labels appear similar to a nutritional label...

Map Learning in Skills. Map Jobs in Skills. Combine to Create Pathways.

Naming rights with mention in patent, subject of book, social media matches, website domains, and Android and Windows 10 apps. Website running since 2017.

Skills Based Approach

WHY I LIKE THE BRAND/COMPANY NAME... a recognized, catchy popular name; summarizes the methodology well; and getting mentions in recent articles and media...

Cycle through Four Stages with an Evolving Skill Set.

Coined the phrase on this blog in 2012! Naming rights with two books (2013 and 2022), social media accounts, website domains, and Android app. Website running since 2013.

Skills Culture

WHY I LIKE THE BRAND/COMPANY NAME... Describes the intent; and fits the suggested growth mindset centered on practicing skills properly.

Every Experience is an Opportunity to Apply Skills.

Introduced in social media and blog in 2015! Naming rights with a books, social media accounts, and website domains. Website running since 2016.

Looking to create separate entities for each of these concepts. Please email me, or with thoughts on the names and taglines.