Create All Learning Labels Elements From Mobile or Tablet Device

Friday, 12 February 2021 457 Views

A few years ago, my team conducted two formal usability tests (with teachers, professors, and graduate students). A master of the obvious conclusion from both tests is users do not want to spend much time creating learning labels; in the tests, it took a minute or two to create them. Then, given the level of sophistication of the learning labels, I did not think it was possible to speed the process. But I did.

In this third mobile application, users should be able to create all elements (jobs, syllabi, projects/lesson plans, and labels) in less than minute. The application reduces typing in all fields and is touch enabled. To add skills in learning and job labels, the interface supports: a suggesting algorithm; search; and auto-complete. The process is quick and intuitive.

Creating elements in this mobile application seeds the other two mobile application, where practitioners build learning pathways and dashboard. In both of these applications, the elements are referenced and used in different ways (the qualitative or longer context information is not required) - though accessible with a link to a unique URL and website for each element.

The web application is much more sophisticated, with many more layers and features. For example, with a learning label, there is functionality to attach quizzes (assessments) and graphical achievements (badges).

The web application also includes a rich text editor for longer text fields. A syllabus is pre-dominantly a text driven document. The syllabus on the web application is interactive and supports downloading a PDF.

Finally, there are more uses on the web application. For example, there is a job board where users compare job labels (requires a large screen to compare a collection of labels).

Regardless, creating elements on this mobile application is a good starter; once created, the elements are accessible in the mobile dashboard and paged applications.

Give the application a try:

Sign up to save elements and start accessing learning and job labels and constructing learning pathways and dashboards.

Here is a short video showing how this application works: