Second Mobile Application Tiled Dashboards

Sunday, 10 January 2021   458 Views

Looking to establish accessing and using learning dashboards on mobile devices. Do tasking when the inspiration hits on the ‘GO’.

Got to designing and building a second prototype mobile application. This mobile application is a good complement to the first one - mentioned in this previous post.

Each does a different purpose: the first is informative and shows pathways well; and the second is functional, identify an element and work with it. (My interpretation of features of a good mobile app include single load, quick, legible, and simple.)

This mobile application is a tiled, drag and drop dashboard of elements (like the one created for larger screens, just optimized for a mobile with touch functionality).

The functionality is straightforward:

  • Select a previously created dashboard or create a new one.
  • Move through dashboards by clicking through pages or scrolling. Toggle between both layouts by clicking a button.
  • Drag and drop interface to assign an element to another one or change the sort order.
  • Click to see all the assignment to the pathway.
  • Click and hold on an element to navigate to the element webpage.
  • Add new elements to a dashboard and save changes to the sort order and assignments.
  • Toggle between the two different mobile applications.

(As said earlier, the mobile application accesses elements that were already created.) Here is a link to a mobile application with sample elements: .

Give this a try and give my team your feedback: breaks / errors (currently incident free), suggested features and functionality, and general thoughts

This is a short introductory video: