Peer Review Learning Labels on Tablets and Larger Touch Screens

Tuesday, 02 February 2021   531 Views

Verifying the accuracy of the learning labels is the top suggestion from practitioners and a peer review is their recommended way of doing so. A couple years ago, I added peer reviews to the website application. As I continue building the two mobile applications, I found a good place for them in the paged application.

Generally, I use the same framework but add touch functions and limit interactions to a single page load. The target is larger touch screen devices (a Galaxy, I-pad, Surface, Kindle, or laptop) and not smartphone devices (only because a map requires a minimum screen width). The only real functionality difference is there are no comments and aggregate views (both of which appear on the website application).

The general premise is someone reviewing a resource, checks each end point, which could be skill, methods and applications behind the skill, or standards (objectives). 

A thorough line-by-line rather than a complete check makes sense for several reasons (a reviewer): might only agree to only certain skills; might only have experience to check certain skills; and verifies key factors in the Skill Points ® algorithm on a skill by skill basis. Let’s see how this works:

From the paged mobile application, navigate to the labels sections. Select the ‘Map' button in the top menu. A skill map appears from the data in the learning label. If standards were referenced, they automatically appear.

If this review occurs while the reviewer is using the resource (a video, game, or online course), a reviewer 'touches' a skill each time that skill is applied and 'holds' for an intense application. Otherwise, if a reviewer is just reviewing the label, then clicks each skill once and holds for interpreted intensity. After each touch, the information appears right below the skill.

When the review is complete, click the button submit review in the bottom right corner. That is all. The data is saved and sent to the server. A valid administrative user gets to submit a single review per label.

As more learning labels are created and shared in the system, a good gesture is to complete a peer review before using someone else’s learning label. The data from these peer reviews along with other supporting data will make the accuracy of the Skill Points and standards representation on the learning labels better.

Please give these mobile applications and the peer review process a try (and take the survey): Google Forms Survey and Link to Mobile Applications