Five Learning Label Apps on Google Android

Friday, 02 July 2021   281 Views

Added a new theme and styles and in-app registration to the five leanring label applications in Google Android. There is uniformity while moving between the apps. There is a better support (usability) across the main Android devices: smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks (as shown in video).

New in-app registration allows for an admin (teacher, professor, trainer, or workforce / learning practitioner) to signup and starting using the apps right away. Likewise, a learner (student or worker) can do the same. Trying and using the app could follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play and download the app(s). (A request to receive the apps by email is also possible.)
  • Login with a 'Guest' account (sample data set) to see how the app works.
  • Signup from the app using the in-app registration.
  • (If you are a practitioner) Start building elements with Learning Labels Create. Access the new elements from the other apps.
  • (If you are a learner) Tell your practitioners how the system works.